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In the abstract: 
Thinking to be one step ahead of the customer needs, the automotive glass business decides to adapt to the new sales channels and join the undisputed digital era, which is the reason it found the opportunity to keep in trend and get into the online sales. 

Vitro Autoglass 
The needs of the customers are our priority, that is why we decided to go further.  
In 2018, Vitro decides that it is time to enter the world of online sales, something unusual in this type of business, and it starts planning a project that involves the launch of an e-commerce in the US market. Complimenting this effort as an industry disruptor, Vitro also launches a non-traditional logistics based distribution model breaking the mold of the more established warehouse based distribution models.

In February 2019, the online store was launched, which offers automotive glass order deliveries to repair and installation workshops in less than 24 hours, thus “Night Rider” order by 5 p.m., receive your product by 8 a.m. is born. With this, we are giving to our customers the service they need to service the end-use consumer. 

In addition, Vitro Autoglass has more than 30,000 auto glass parts comprising more than 3,500 unique SKU’s, that includes: domestic and foreign windshields, doors, windows, quarters, and many more. In this site, you can also find products related to auto glass repair and installation, including tools, urethane, moldings, among others. 

In this project, we take advantage of the digital platforms, so we have adhered to new communication channels that allow us to launch advertising campaigns and be in constant contact with the target market, as well as gain recognition and brand positioning. This is taking us to be on the top-of-mind of our customers, that is one of our main goals. is a growing project. We believe in the strong potential of the business, which is why an expansion plan to different cities in the United States is projected for the coming years.

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We have innovated the way we serve our customers, which is why we launched the mobile service modality on the market.