Seeking the most favorable conditions to operate and grow in harmony with the environment and the communities in which we operate, at Vitro we are in charge of expanding our influence and positive impact on the community around us through activities and projects that promote their well-being.

Download our Vitro Code of ethics and conduct

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Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is one of the chief tools the company has for ensuring that in the context of its operations, its employees, clients and suppliers abide by the principles, laws and regulations applicable to the countries where the country is present.

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The Code of Ethics and Conduct defines Vitro’s commitments to preserving human rights, managing commercial relations, respecting and promoting neighboring communities, caring for and protecting the environment, and maintaining harmonious relationships with governments and the authorities. It also defines our responsibilities in our operations, our regulatory compliance and our policy of zero tolerance for corruption.

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All employees receive annual training about ethical aspects, values and principles aligned with our Code of Ethics and Conduct. We also carry out communication campaigns to maximize commitment to this Code.

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Regulatory Compliance

Aware that there are threats and opportunities in every human activity, Vitro is concerned with identifying and channeling these to minimize, prevent and offset the threats and to exploit and magnify the opportunities, in order to generate value in all respects.

We also have external certifications and recognitions such as:
Industria Limpia
That demonstrate our commitment to meet the highest economic, social, and environmental standards.