Vitro Glass Launches Vitro X™
Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships will identify and develop inspired solutions to challenges in the glass industry and support future-focused companies in bringing innovative products and technologies to market.

Vitro Architectural Glass has announced the launch of Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships, a new strategic partnership program focused on identifying and developing inspired solutions to existing and future challenges in the glass industry. Concurrently, Vitro is announcing its first partnership through the program with AERAS, an emerging technology company specializing in advanced drone applications.

As an incubator for innovation, the Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships program enables Vitro to collaborate with future-focused companies as an early investor to support their work and shepherd their groundbreaking ideas, including new functionalities and services to building owners and homeowners, from the drawing board to the production line, installation, maintenance and beyond.

Through Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships, Vitro is teaming up with a select group of growing businesses that are developing revolutionary technologies with the potential to impact the future of the glass industry. Together, Vitro and its partners will bring new products and services to market that will enhance and protect glass surfaces, reduce the need for exterior glass maintenance and even make outdoor venues healthier.

 “Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships allow Vitro to become a hands-on partner with progressive companies that have the power to influence glass in some way, with an innovative, non-traditional approach,” said Martin Bracamonte, vice president, marketing & innovation, Vitro Architectural Glass.

The first partnership to be announced through the Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships program is with AERAS, which operates advanced drones that have the capacity to serve as an alternative to traditional commercial window and glass façade washing to support both building owners/operators and facility managers.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., AERAS challenges the standards of drone technology with its revolutionizing research, such as developing the only drone in the world operating with a charged-electrostatic disbursement system. AERAS is also the first company in the United States certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones to provide decontamination services against viral contaminants such as COVID-19 at large gathering spaces like outdoor event venues, which has created a new standard in large-scale sanitization.

With additional development support and marketing services offered through its Vitro X™ Innovation Partnership, AERAS’ products may also serve as alternatives to traditional commercial window washing and be used for servicing solar energy fields with aerial cleaning technology.

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Vitro X™ is a trademark owned by Vitro.