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State of the Art Technologies
The Vitro advanced glass line of automotive technology offers unique benefits to car manufacturers.
We offer our capabilities to develop desired features on glass to meet specific needs and market trends according to our clients preferences.

Using cutting-edge technology in our predictive modeling and optics software, at Vitro we design with the best optical properties and the highest design parameters in mind.
Some of our automotive specialty Vitro OEM products are:
Windshield and WeatherMaster® thermal doors
that use MSVD conductor liners generate inner heat when electric power is applied to them.
Sungate® enhanced performance infrared reflective glass
combines thermal comfort with excellent aesthetics. This glass gives passengers a quieter interior environment, improves privacy and protects against UV radiation.
Sungate® antenna windshield
reduces heat by reflecting solar energy while providing a hidden AM / FM reception.
Safe and Sound® laminated safety glass
has a vinyl layer resistant to humidity and increases comfort.
Aquapel® water-repellent glass
a hydrophobic coating that turns water into droplets that are easily removed with air flow.
Enhanced front display (HUD) augmented reality windshield
combining a specialized glass processing with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and a variable wedge angle to deliver larger images, easily adapting to different driver heights.
SPD and PDLC switchable glazing
provides an electrochromic film laminated between the glass for a variable control of the light transmission.
Embedded side emitting optical fiber lighting
for external signaling and apporach, ambient and accent lighting.
Connected vehicle technology
Enabling advanced communications through antenna connections integrated at Vitro glass for GPS, diagnostic / monitoring software and smartphone applications.
Encapsulated glass
for windshield, rear quarters, rear lights and sunroofs.
Colored glass
uses Vitro's solar color series of green, blue and gray privacy glasses.
High intensity reflective colored glass
offers a unique look for customized or limited-edition vehicles.
Autonomous cameras/driver assistance sensors
integrated in the windshield and in the laminated window glass optimize performance and provide better protection.
Micro LED lighting
provides an accent lighting, giving an ambience, access and direct light to the cabin.
Lightweight glass
includes soda lime and aluminosilicate compositions providing a thin or ultra-thin glass to significantly reduce weight as well as to comply with all regulatory requirements.
Fleet vehicle glazing solutions
help keep fleet cars free of splintered glass with scratches and / or cracks.
Advanced environmental glazing solutions
improve fuel efficiency, transmission system performance, aerodynamics and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.