16 Nov 2022 VITRO
Vitro Excellence Convention 2022

On October 26 and 27, the fourth Vitro Excellence Convention was held at the Vitro Technology Center facilities in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

During the session, Vitro CEO Adrian Sada acknowledged the progress that has been made in the process of implementing the Excellence Model in Vitro's plants, and the impact that it is beginning to have on critical results indicators.

Alfonso Gómez, Director of Human Resources and Continuous Improvement, highlighted the path that has been traveled, and how the implementation of the systems has started to change some of the behaviors of Vitro's personnel towards Excellence, as well as the consistent progress shown at implementation levels.

Additionally, each of the businesses showed the current status and the goals that will be sought in the following year, to continue advancing in the implementation of the Model and the impact it has on the results.

The best Vitro plants in the implementation of the Model were recognized, highlighting three that achieved the “Gold” recognition:

  • Crinamex
  • Vitroflex
  • Mexicali

Recognitions were given for favorable impact on the results:

  • Best Business Unit – Containers.
  • Best Automotive Plant – Crinamex
  • Best Architectural Plant – Mexicali
  • Best US/Europe Automotive Plant – Polinia
  • Best US Architectural Plant – Wichita Falls
  • Best Plant for Various Industries – FAMA

During the second day, the participants had the opportunity to tour the best practices that have been identified and observe the processes that are being employed on the plant floor.