Float Glass

Vitro's float glass means innovation.

The expectations of the market lead us to offer competitive products with high added value, to fulfill needs in areas such as architecture and design, as well as in other industries that complement our glass processes for specialty applications.

Specialists recognize that Vitro’s float glass, manufactured by Vidrio y Cristal (VyC), is the best option when they are looking for an esthetic, versatile, reliable, and quality product.

This opinion is backed by our actions, which are reflected the positive market response towards our offer.

Our glass may also undergo several additional processes: tempering, lamination, silk-screen printing, Duovent® units, and digital printing, to name a few examples.

Producto Vidrio Flotado Vitro

 Our commitment also extends to Productos de Valor Agregado (PVA), which has the capacity to transform float glass into products that are ready to install.

Additionally, the Centro de Diseño Arquitectónico (CDA) provides specialized project advisory services, with sustainable and cutting edge solutions that have been recognized by authorities and internationally renowned organizations.

In quality, service, and innovation, nothing can be better than Vitro’s float glass.

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